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We at Keating Nissan know that you cannot put a price on safety. That is why our Nissan vehicles come equipped with Nissan Safety Shield. Now, we may be a bit biased and only want the best for our car owners of Houston, Conroe, The Woodlands, and beyond, so we decided to put Safety Shield to the test. We have compared the safety features of Nissan automobiles with another top ranking brand in safety, Hyundai. Let’s review our findings.



Same Features of Hyundai and Safety Shield

Hyundai and Nissan are both highly rated in safety tests. Let’s take a look at some of the features they share. Both cars come equipped with Automatic Emergency Braking with the added Pedestrian Detection feature. This feature is a must for the occasional blind spot. Backup cameras come standard in both autos. An added bonus on both brands is the rear cross-traffic alert, which send both an audio and visual warning when your car getting a little too close to an object. Lane Departure Warning also comes in both Nissan and Hyundai safety packages.



Differences of Hyundai and Safety Shield

Although both Nissan and Hyundai produce some of the safest cars on the market, there are a few features that only Nissan’s Safety Shield can offer. For example, Safety Shield has predictive, Forward Collision Warning technology which is able to detect not one, but two vehicles in front of you for dangerous situations. Both a visual and audible warning will alert you of the trouble ahead. This technology is unmatched by Hyundai. Safety Shield also offers a Driver Attention Alert warning. When the car senses that you are fatigued, an icon of a coffee cup will appear.



Wrap Up

There you have it. The features of Nissan’s Safety Shield are unparalleled by those of any other brand. We invite the people of College Station, Victoria, The Woodlands, Conroe, and Houston to come test out these safety features at Keating Nissan today!